Sunday, January 27, 2008

Change #5 - More Blue Than Green

We've been feeling more blue than green the past little while in the GreenLunn household. First the TV died, then the internet connection went on strike, the computer refuses to function in anything but safe mode, our new $8,000 roof leaked, Ian has started to wake up again every few hours after three weeks or so of blissful sleeping, I’m pretty sure the dog is depressed and I think the two adult GreenLunns may have a mild case of the blues too. It’s mid-January in Canada… who isn’t a bit blue this time of year?

So I’m finding it a bit hard to come up with the motivation to make a green change this week… and admittedly last week’s change was a bit lame. That being said, I can’t let a little bit of bad luck and a case of the blues derail our green'olution.

This week our change will be to minimize our use of baby wipes when we are at home. Instead of using disposable wipes to change Ian’s diaper I’ll set aside a few of the many baby-sized facecloths we have and use those instead. This is green because 1) I’ll wash them with the cloth diapers so we won’t be increasing the amount of energy we use 2) it will minimize Ian’s exposure to chemicals which I suspect will help with his occasional diaper rashes 3) we will produce less garbage by consuming less packaging and plastic 5) it will save us money.

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