Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Rescued from the curb

Do you see what I see? (a little bit of paint...).

Monday, June 13, 2011

Boy Bag

I have Avery's quilt top finished and the binding has been made, but I can't figured out what to put on the back of the quilt. So I'm doing what any good quilter would do, procrastinating by sewing other things. This is a 'boy bag' for Ian (there are a few more for his friends) or maybe it's a 'murse' (man-purse) as Derek calls it.

Sunday, June 12, 2011


Yesterday I found a little surprise in my mailbox. My sister bought it for me at a craft show she participated in. She said that when she saw it, it made her think of me and she just had to buy it.

Maybe because of this:

(I'm understanding a little more now where my mother got the inspiration for
my perpetual childhood haircut. In case you are wondering, inside that awesome box was one of these. Another cool gift from my Aunt Marie).

or this:
(I think I love these guys more than my kids ever will!).

Thanks Annie! I LOVE it!!! (and I love you! xoxo).

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Thursday, June 9, 2011

About a Dog Named Killer

When I was three, my god-mother, my Aunt Marie, gifted me a sweet orange doggie for my birthday. I named him 'Killer' (no one knows why). I don't remember that birthday, but I also don't remember a time in my childhood when Killer wasn't there -right by my side. I am almost embarrassed now to say that I carried him with me wherever I went until I was about twelve maybe even thirteen. What was it, about this orange dog that captured my love so? I really don't know. But he was my very best friend. I dressed him up. I talked to him. He even had little puppies at some point. Oh! the fun we had Killer and I.

(Bagel, Killer's distant cousin)

I had a really big fear of fire as a kid. I vividly remember lying in my bed at night, worried that the house might catch fire. I don't know where this fear of fire came from. Maybe it was because my Dad was a volunteer firefighter, or maybe, it was because once when I went downstairs late at night my dad was watching the movie 'Towering Inferno' or maybe it was just a part of my anxious mind, in any case I was REALLY scared of fires. So I would lay in bed as a little kid hatching my escape route. In my mind I was the hero. My very first act of bravery would be to save Killer by throwing him out the window (I figured a fall from a 2nd story window was better than being burned alive). Once Killer was safe and sound, I would save my parents and then my siblings (read into that order what you will!). It's funny 'how' kids think and 'what' they think. I never once told my parents about my fear of fire. Not even when I started having pretty scary and recurring dreams about it. That's how I know that children have all kinds of different things going on in their heads that they don't share with the adults around them.  

I still have Killer (I think I want him to be cremated with me when the time comes, I just can't stand the idea of him rotting in a dump someday... is that weird?). He's safely tucked away in Ian's closet. He comes out to play sometimes. But he's old (yet still feisty). Almost 33 years old... He's had more 'operations' than you can count. In fact, just recently I had to stitch his leg back onto his body. What I love the most about Killer now is that he wears this full body two toned orange suit that my 'Memere Boudreau' knit him (presumably because he was really kind of falling apart near the end). I love that body-suit and I especially loved the woman who knit it for me.

Right around his fourth birthday, the 'sleep-fairies' gifted Ian with his own orange doggie. He named him 'Fluffy'. I had him specially made by The Craggy Moor Store (I had one made for Avery too...saving it until the right moment to gift it to her). The 'sleep-fairies' is my desperate attempt to encourage Ian to sleep through the night (hey... after four years I'm willing to try anything!). I'm happy to say that he really seems to love Fluffy. So much so that he requested that I make him his very own collar and leash (I had so much fun making those!). Here's my little guy with his very own 'Killer'.

Welcome to the family Fluffy! I hope you and Ian will be the best of friends.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Dear Mister,

Dear Mister,
Almost ten years ago I met you in a crowded, dingy bar. I noticed you right away. That beautiful bald head beckoned me. I can’t believe it’s been almost ten years. In some ways it’s like you’ve been in my life forever (and always). When I think about all that we have lived in those years: Long distance love, a young couple in love in their very first apartment, a sweet (and crazy dog), a degree in Hamilton, beautiful wedding (a day of love), a pretty house (made ours alone), two beautiful children (unique all their own). We’ve lived a lot in those ten years -it seems like it’s been longer (in a good way). I hardly remember our lives apart.

A girl grows up, she thinks often about the man she will marry. What will he look like? What kind of person will he be? Will he make her laugh? Will he be kind? Loving? Considerate?  Will he be a good father?

You. Are. That man. I always dreamed of. Maybe, even more.

I love you. Now, more than ever. I hope you know that. But more importantly, I hope you feel that. You are my best friend. My love. My partner. I can’t imagine a life without you. I’m proud of us. This little life, that we’ve carved out for ourselves. I’m ever grateful, I get to share it with you.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Monday, June 6, 2011


I think these four might just be my favorites... look at those little cars.

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Thoughts on Avery's quilt

As I mentioned before the quilt I'm working on right now was inspired by a quilt I thrifted (for $3) a while back. I love the tiny little squares and how each big square tells a story. As you look at the quilt you discover new bits and pieces of colors and prints you didn't notice before. I love that. I also had many different fabric scraps that I absolutely loved and wanted to 'preserve' in a special quilt that would stay with us (instead of being gifted away). I also have been meaning to make a quilt for my sweet Avery for a while now. Goodness she is sweet and I could just eat her up she is so lovely. So she is also my inspiration for this quilt, her little giggles (which always surprise me because she is mostly very quiet), her brand new two front teeth, her teeny tiny little toes, and her big brown eyes (I feel nothing but gratitude when I look at her).

Just like the thrifted quilt, each block has 25 mini blocks that measure 2 inches by 2 inches (once they are sewn up they only measure about 1.5 inches). They are mostly pieced at random save for each block has two pieces of the red and white polka dot and two solid pink pieces (the theme in this quilt being mostly red and pink which are my two favorite colors... which is why most of my fabric scraps happen to be this color). The other thing I focused on when sewing my blocks is that I wanted a contrast between the 'light' and 'dark' fabrics. So I pieced the small blocks alternating between the two. I also added in some fabric that I 'fussy cut' so that specific images would be showcased like the owls, the bunnies and the flowers etc.

When I started the quilt I knew that I would piece it all together using white (I read somewhere -probably on a blog, that you should use a lot of white in your quilts because it makes your colors 'pop'). I haven't used any white in my quilts to date and I think this one is the right one. Now here is where I'm hesitating. All along I thought I would bind the quilt using the red and white polka dots. I just love that fabric and I'm inspired by Nettie and how she seems to mostly use stripes etc on her bindings and I love the look. Last night I took a few planning shots and now I'm not really sure about the binding. I'm sorta leaning more towards just a plain pink instead. I find the red brings out too much of the orange and red, when what I really want to emphasize is the pink and red (Avery's room is mostly pink, predictable but true). I also thought I would 'frame' each of the blocks with pink but I'm also not sure about that either. Maybe I should just leave the blocks as they are (I love those blocks!).

And here's why I'm being extra careful about these decisions, each of those blocks took 35-40 minutes to make (that's 800 minutes. 13.5 hours -and that's not including the time it took to cut the fabric)....  I want this baby to be 'just right'. I want to LOVE this quilt when I'm done with it.

What do you think?  Do I frame each block in pink or leave them as they are? Do I bind in red polka dots or just plain pink? Leave me a comment and let me know what you think (even if you don't sew I want to hear your thoughts). You can click on the pictures to get a better view, sorry about the bad lighting.

(it's between polka dot on the bottom left corner and the pink on the right, ignore the other fabrics)
To frame or not to frame?
I've got some time to mull this over... I've got four more of those blocks still to go.

Avery our one tooth wonder.

Friday, June 3, 2011

T-shirt Nightgowns

I super-love this idea ('super-love' kinda catchy... go on try it....kinda rolls of the tongue hey?). Annie and Karie I'm thinking Zoe and Sam would love some of these. Easy and cheap!

Avery's ideal t-shirt nightgown would be made out of a vintage Kenny Rogers t-shirt. Oh Kenny. How I heart thee. And for a little extra fun here's one of my favourite Kenny songs (old school Kenny pre-face lift -swoon). I always thought it was 'four hundred children' as a kid instead of 'four hungry children' (where did they all sleep I wondered?).

Thursday, June 2, 2011

and then there were 16.

Avery had a record breaking monster nap today. About 3 hours... Wow! So while she napped, I sewed and sewed these little blocks for her quilt. Sixteen done, only four to go. I've enjoyed sewing these up, but now I'm feeling ready to move on to the next stage of this quilt. It's going to be a nice size. Biggest one yet. I love these little blocks... and I love biscuits too! Biscuits... anyone?

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