Sunday, July 27, 2008

GreenLunns are on vacation

The GreenLunns are on vacation for the next two weeks! Yay vacation! We'll spend the first half getting our life in order (cleaning the house) and the other on the coast of Maine enjoying a much needed change of scenery. There is nothing like the ocean to refresh and invigorate. Originally we had planned the ever trendy (and green) 'staycation' but we had a last minute change of heart... Have you ever just needed an adventure, something totally different from the everyday? White sandy beach here we come! It's exciting to think of hitting the open road and showing Ian the ocean for the first time. I LOVE the ocean. It is the closest thing to heaven in my mind.

So changes #31 & #32 go a little something like this:

Change #31... I've got a cold and I've noticed this habit I have of always grabbing two tissues instead of just one. So from now on I'm only grabbing one tissue at a time and going back for another if I need it... because they are made of trees (looking forward to getting my stickers!).

Change #32... We are getting our carpets cleaned tomorrow. We opted to go with a company that provided a no chemicals option. No nasty chemicals on our carpet and in the air we breathe.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Change #29 - Green camping

I'm behind on my blogging. Oops!

So change #29 (which is last week's post if you're counting) is all about green camping. Two weeks ago we went camping with a bunch of friends of ours at Silver Lake Provincial Park which is about 20 minutes East of Perth. We had a great time. We were 10 adults, 4 kids, 3 babies and 2 dogs. It rained. It poured. We had fun in the sun. We ate a lot. We did a lot of running around (after the kids, the babies and the dogs).

We also (for the most part) camped green. Derek and I didn't bring any bottled water, choosing to bring a big reusable water container with tap water from home instead. We brought our own plates and utensils and used them (all except for one meal). We made sure to recycle our cans and bottles and generally created as little garbage as possible.

In addition to this we learned a valuable lesson. Camping with a baby is possible. It's also a very dirty business. How many rocks did I fish out of Ian's mouth? 14.

Change #30 - Shaving my legs with the water off

So change #30 (which is this week's change if you're counting) is all about conserving more water. I was thinking this morning as I was shaving my legs while the water was running in the shower that there must be a more efficient way to do this. So I turned off the water while I shaved my legs. Less water wasted+less water running into my eyes while I shave my legs=conserving water & fewer cuts. It's win, win really.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Change #28 - Less vacumming

We have a dog. His name is Bagel. He's the cutest Beagle you've ever seen. Big, long floppy ears. When he was a puppy they dragged on the floor. People would stop and get out of their cars to say hello to him (I kid you not). He's cute (and like most Beagles sometimes stubborn and sneaky) but he sheds a lot. Those tiny little hairs that stick to everything. I vaccum a lot (at least I did before I became a working mother) to control the hairballs. Vaccuming isn't really an enviro-friendly thing to do... doesn't that seem weird? First of all there's the electricity you're using and then there are those vaccum bags that I'm sure take a while to biodegrade. I can't get away with not vaccuming the upstairs since we have rugs, but from now on I'll be sheperding those Bagel balls that appears on the first level of our home with a good 'ol fashion broom and dustpan.

Change #27 - 5 minute showers

So I'll be cutting back on my shower time this week (I'm one post behind so this is actually last week's post). We've been away a lot and will continue to be away on weekends all summer which has been making life pretty hectic. The posts just keep getting shorter.... who wants to spend time indoors when you could be spending time enjoying summer which has FINALLY arrived!

So 5 minute showers. This shouldn't be too hard since I'm not one to dawdle in the shower anyway... but I'll start being especially vigilant now.

Hope you are enjoying your summer!

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