Wednesday, July 28, 2010

She's here!

Avery Diane Shirley Lunn
Born on July 26 (her due date) at 7:43 p.m.
7lbs, 10 oz - 20 inches

Thursday, July 22, 2010

39 + 3 weeks

Had our ultrasound yesterday. Everything looks good (placenta, amniotic fluid, baby is growing well and looks to be about 7 or so pounds). Sooo we continue to wait (I'm learning a lot about myself lately... I hate waiting, I could use more patience... which explains why I have no issues opening my Christmas presents a few days early... thankfully someone always stops me!). The 'protocol' is to wait 10 days past the due date and because of my previous cesarean there would be no choice of induction. If she doesn't come between now and then it will be a scheduled c-section (I really hope she doesn't make us wait another 13 days before we get to meet her). I'm LARGE and uncomfortable now (but trying hard not to complain too much).

I ordered a few books today which should give a pretty good indication of where we are at with Ian these days. Since we started his new bedtime routine his behavior has really improved... but there are still days where I wonder what's going on with him and what we can do to be better parents. There is always this nagging feeling that we could be communicating with him in a more effective way. I'm hoping these books will give me some insight. I also ordered this cd just for fun... the music is 'happy' and it's been a few years since I've bought new music. Nothing like some new music and a few good books to change the spirit.... oh and a manicure and pedicure and lunch with a friend tomorrow should help too. Plus Derek and I are going out to see a movie tomorrow night (it's been a LONG time since we've been to the movies... and I LOVE going to the movies!).

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

39 weeks + 1

I'm officially six days away from my due date. Getting a little impatient. I have been enjoying this time to myself, resting and getting caught up on things... but I'm feeling really ready now. I wish she would come. I want to see her and hold her and know that she is ok. She was up all night last night (and so was I). She was moving around all night. It was painful at times, I think she's running out of room in there. Sometimes she does this strange 'shuddering' move that worries me... but then I worry a lot. Most times for nothing.

I still toy with the idea of getting a scheduled c-section... though at this point we are on 'the VBAC train'. Neither choice is very appealing. There are risks to both. I have an ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow. We'll see if she's still growing well and then decide.

Looking forward to starting this next phase in our lives.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

From the mouth of babes...

My 8 year old niece Zoe told my sister today that:

''Matante Mad's baby is probably going to come soon because daddy says when it's hot outside things grow bigger"

Monday, July 12, 2010

Ian Ramblings

(What Ian had on his mind tonight before he fell asleep).

'Mommy, please don't touch my boo-boo ok?.... the kids shouldn't touch my boo-boo either, 'cause then it won't heal right Mommy?... it's not a playstructure. My boo-boo's not a playstructure.... Mommy I have red bum right?.... If Elodie doesn't pooh in the potty she'll have red bum too right? If Elodie has red bum will you put cream on it Mommy (sure Ian).... Why Mommy? Doesn't she have cream at home?.... Why did Elodie's dog get sick Mommy?.... Will my dog get sick too?'

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Random Thoughts

I've got a lot on my mind these days. Thinking about my baby and how she's doing. Wondering when she will come and how I will deal with the labor (I remember it being painful, but I also remember being strong within myself and dealing with it... will I be able to stay centered this time with the added worry of a VBAC and the mysterious bleeding and the need to be monitored electronically for the entire labor which will reduce my ability to move around? Will I be able to get the satisfaction of pushing my baby out this time or will I end up with another surgery?). Thinking about Ian and how he will adjust to being a big brother (he's already claimed one breast as his own... even though I stopped breastfeeding him over a year and a half ago). Wondering how I will deal with mothering two little ones (where I will find the energy and patience... and more importantly enthusiasm). How going from three to four will change the dynamic in our family. Looking forward to meeting her finally. Seeing her face. Does she look like her brother or does she look completely different? (I pray she likes to sleep more than her brother did... or does).

A wise woman once told me that parenthood is all about learning to let go... and for women it starts as soon as they become pregnant. I've been practicising letting go these last few weeks. That I have no control about what's going on in my belly or how my labor will go. Trying not to care that our house isn't as clean as I'd like. That there seems to be dishes piled up on the counter 24-7. That I have no energy to cook and play with Ian the way I'd like. That I'm tired of sleeping with two large pillows between my legs and oh how I would kill for a large chilled glass of white wine. I remember when I was pregnant with Ian (12 days overdue)... I was SO tired of being pregnant. I just couldn't wait for it 'all to be over'... and imagine my surprise when I realized after he was born that the pregnant part is the easiest part of motherhood and is definitely only the beginning...

Friday, July 9, 2010

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ian's nighttime ramblings

Every night after our bedtime routine I lie in bed with Ian until he falls asleep. When he moved into the 'big boy bed' he refused to stay in his bed (or even in his room) so this ended up becoming part of our routine. After months of temper tantrums and power struggles he has finally adjusted to the routine. For my part lying there with him for 15 to 30 (sometimes 40) minutes can be somewhat frustrating. This was especially true when I was working. I wanted him to 'fall asleep already' so I could get a few things done (or just do nothing) before going to sleep and starting another day. Since I have been off work though, I have been enjoying this time of day more. It always takes him at least 10-15 minutes just to wind down from his day and stop fidgeting. He'll spend this time wriggling around trying to find a comfy position and chatting about random things. This is really the part I enjoy the most. Listening to what he has to say at the end of his day. Sometimes it is very revealing 'Grayson poo'ed in the park today' or 'When you go to the hospital to get the baby, Mémé will come stay with me, right Mommy?'.  Most days what he has to say makes me laugh.

Yesterday's ramblings:

Ian: 'Mommy can you please rub my belly, pretty please?'
(I start rubbing his belly)
(at this point Ian starts moving his belly up and down)
Ian: 'Mommy there's a baby in my belly... it has the burps'
(pretty sure he meant the hiccups... so funny)
Me: 'Is your baby a boy or a girl?'
Ian: 'girl'.
Me: 'What's her name?'
Ian: 'Shenawa'
(no idea where he got that name from)

Today's ramblings:
'Mommy, I put my finger up there and I don't get any crottes'
(crottes= French for snots).

I've started to see this time of day as a blessing. He's growing up so, so fast... pretty soon he won't need his mommy beside him to fall asleep.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wonderful Wabbit

Wee Wonderful free pattern for a cute little bunny. If I have the energy this week I might make my own little bunny... so cute! I love how people can take the same pattern and come up with a million different interpretations.

Monday, July 5, 2010

Mouse love

Blame it on the pregnancy hormones.... but I have a full blown case of mouse love.  Several of these are on their way to my home as we speak... and I will take good care of them until I gift them with love to a few special little people in my life.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Sundress made out of a vintage pillowcase

I made this sundress for my niece Zoë using an old vintage pillowcase and elastic thread. I used the tutorial found here: but I was able to skip the first few parts by simply cutting off the closed end of the pillowcase. Sewing with elastic thread is very fun! You could really go crazy making so many cute little tops and dresses with this pattern.

More sewing therapy

Here's a little kimono I made last week for the baby (size 0-6 months). Was fun and easy to make. I tried it on my niece and look how cute she is! The kimono was made using a free pattern provided here: (you have to email the author for the pattern). LOVE it! Will definitely make this again in bigger sizes.

37 weeks tomorrow. So far so good...

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