Thursday, October 22, 2009

New project

I've got a new quilting project on the go that I'm excited about. I'm making a quilt for my new niece Jessica. I'm using the opportunity to do some 'scrapbusting' and using left over materials that I used to make the 'little J' quilt and the blue and pink quilt I made. I wasn't sure if the colors would work together at first but so far it looks great. I'm also using a different pattern this time around trying out a 'coin stack' pattern. Will post some sneak preview pictures soon.

I've also been working on a second project helping my friend Kaia make a quilt for her daughter. She comes over when she can and I'm showing her (in my non-expert experience) step by step how to make a quilt. We get to catch up while doing it so it's lots of fun!

You know how when we were kids we'd do all kinds of creative things? Crafts, drawings, painting etc? It seems as we grow older some of us lose that part of ourselves. Rediscovering my creative side through sewing has been lots of fun and it is the perfect outlet I need after a long day at work.

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