Thursday, December 31, 2009

Adios 2009.... HELLO 2010!

The year 2009 has been in many ways a difficult one (at least the last half of it). My father who hasn't been well in the last few years due to complications from a stroke and problems with his circulation, broke his hip. Since then he has been walking with a walker and seems to have aged 20 years in only a few months. Once a vibrant man who was the 'life of the party', now spends his days sitting or sleeping on the couch. My mother has had to become a full time caregiver. It has been difficult to watch them in this transition. I know that they are both struggling each in their own different ways. I wish upon stars that I could make it all better... but part of being a grown-up is learning to accept the things you cannot change, and slowly letting go of the way things used to be.

A few weeks after my father broke his hip, my brother's best friend's parents both died in a car crash coming home from their son's wedding. When I try to imagine the magnitude of that loss. Both of your parents on the same day... it is unimaginable.

On the same day of the accident I started my miscarriage. Another difficult loss.

When we arrived at my parents' house for the holidays this past Sunday their house had just had a major power surge because a hydro line feeding their house broke. The power surge fried all of their electronics (tvs, computer etc). The stress of all that's happened in 2009 seemed to overwhelm a few of my family members... so the holidays this year weren't as joyful or relaxing as previous ones.

Despite all of this though I am grateful. There are many, many things to be grateful for (a loving husband, a gorgeous son, the love of family members, precious friends, I could go on and on).

2010 is a brand new year with loads of possibilities... In 2010 we will hopefully meet a little someone we're expecting on July 26th. As bad as 2009 as sometimes been, it has given us reason to be happy and expectant... since unbelievably I am 10 and a half weeks pregnant.

Happy, happy New Year!!

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Nikole said...

Congratulations! Keeping everything crossed for you!

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