Thursday, February 4, 2010


Things have been quiet at our house this last little while. It is February in Ottawa with bone chilling, grey days. We have been hibernating. When I get home from work I put my pj's on and most nights I am in bed by 8:00.

We are headed to Florida in two weeks for a week long vacation. Looking forward to feeling the sun on my face and playing in the ocean (I LOVE the ocean). Ian is old enough now to have a lot of fun at the beach so I'm very excited. It should be interesting to see him on the plane. The thought of which both excites and scares him (and mommy is a teeny bit curious to see what an almost three year old will be like for a three hour plane ride!). I've never been to Florida so that will be fun too.  I love travelling. Exploring a new city in a different country is exactly what we need to chase away the winter blues.

16 weeks on Monday. On March 3rd we have our 20 week ultrasound... we are definitely going to find out the gender, so I'm counting down the weeks just like I do for Christmas!

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