Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thrifty Thursday - Ian's loot

1. I thrifted Ian's chair-desk a few weeks ago. It cost me less than $20. When I saw it, I slowwwed right down and had a real good lonnnng look (kind of like what I imagine someone looks like when they see a big lake in the middle of the desert). I looked around in disbelief (anyone else see this gem? Can you believe it?), but there was no one around me. I debated about buying it for a while. I just stood there trying decide whether I could find room for it in our 'cozy' house.... (wondered whether Derek would tolerate it in our space). In the end I thought it was way too awesome to pass up, and I knew Ian would LOVE it!). Which he does! As I was walking out of the store a man stopped me and said he had one just like it at home. Apparently (I can't find anything on the web to confirm this) the desk is made out of world war 2 planes. In any case I love the lines of this desk. It needs to be sanded and re-stained but even as is, it's pretty awesome. It has a scandanavian feel to it. Derek was ok with it, though I do get teased about it on a regular basis (my world war 2 desk). This was the best picture of it that I could get... I've got others but 'underwear Ian' is in them.

2. Popcorn maker. Remember when you had to wait to make popcorn? The sound of that machine. The taste of real homemade popcorn? I've been wanting to buy one of these for a while. Found one for $4 and the machine works just fine. I love the ritual of making popcorn (as opposed to just shoving a bag in the microwave). My Dad LOVES popcorn. We heard that 'pop, pop, pop' a lot growing up as kids.

3. Pretty vintage linens for Momma.

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Annie Bananie said...

I love, love, love that desk. You go girl

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