Saturday, September 17, 2011

Embroidery for Avery

Made by my Momma (I bought the pattern and thread and pulled on the ol' mommy guilt to encourage her to do this for Avery). Turned out so cute. Now to decide whether to frame it or make it
into a pillow. My mother used to be pretty crafty in the old days. I keep hoping she'll start some new projects. I might have to get her some patterns and fabric to get her sewing again. The Oliver and S book has SO many awesome projects.

Embroidery patterns can be found here:

PS: I am SO digging this happy scrappy quilt: 


Lianne said...

I love this!

Annie Bananie said...

That`s awesome and it makes me want to embroider. I wonder if Zoe would enjoy that for her birthday.

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