Friday, February 8, 2013

Thrifty Treasures

I haven't been thrifting for a while. We made the decision to move a little while ago (now that the kids are a bit bigger this house feels just a bit too cozy for us, especially during the winter months). The prospect of moving to a new house, new neighborhood, new routine is exciting (and if I'm honest a little scary) but we are finally ready for this change... bring on more space! (and my very own creative corner somewhere). So over the coming months we are focused on fixing a few little things here and there around the house, keeping a close eye on the market and once we find a place we like... we're out of here!  (stay tuned).

There is nothing like an impending move to really motivate you to stop bringing new things into the house. Plus, for a while there the whole thrifting thing was getting a 'little' obsessive (I'm like that... and I know I'm like that... so it's all good). That being said, here's a re-cap of a few fun things I thrifted last year...

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