Monday, July 21, 2008

Change #29 - Green camping

I'm behind on my blogging. Oops!

So change #29 (which is last week's post if you're counting) is all about green camping. Two weeks ago we went camping with a bunch of friends of ours at Silver Lake Provincial Park which is about 20 minutes East of Perth. We had a great time. We were 10 adults, 4 kids, 3 babies and 2 dogs. It rained. It poured. We had fun in the sun. We ate a lot. We did a lot of running around (after the kids, the babies and the dogs).

We also (for the most part) camped green. Derek and I didn't bring any bottled water, choosing to bring a big reusable water container with tap water from home instead. We brought our own plates and utensils and used them (all except for one meal). We made sure to recycle our cans and bottles and generally created as little garbage as possible.

In addition to this we learned a valuable lesson. Camping with a baby is possible. It's also a very dirty business. How many rocks did I fish out of Ian's mouth? 14.

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