Sunday, July 6, 2008

Change #28 - Less vacumming

We have a dog. His name is Bagel. He's the cutest Beagle you've ever seen. Big, long floppy ears. When he was a puppy they dragged on the floor. People would stop and get out of their cars to say hello to him (I kid you not). He's cute (and like most Beagles sometimes stubborn and sneaky) but he sheds a lot. Those tiny little hairs that stick to everything. I vaccum a lot (at least I did before I became a working mother) to control the hairballs. Vaccuming isn't really an enviro-friendly thing to do... doesn't that seem weird? First of all there's the electricity you're using and then there are those vaccum bags that I'm sure take a while to biodegrade. I can't get away with not vaccuming the upstairs since we have rugs, but from now on I'll be sheperding those Bagel balls that appears on the first level of our home with a good 'ol fashion broom and dustpan.

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