Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Three weeks

I'm writing from the Children's hospital. Avery was admitted yesterday morning with a fever. Today we found out that she has viral meningitis. Her fever is down now and she seems to be doing better. They will keep her here another few days, probably until Thursday or Friday to monitor her and make sure she is ok. We are staying positive. Hoping things continue to be ok. We are still waiting for some test results and there is the possibility that she isn't out of the woods yet. I can't believe my little punkin' is in hospital. She has been poked and prodded every few hours since we've been here. They have taken blood, suctioned her nose, put in a catheter for urine, and did a spinal tap. She has been really good through it all. She is so strong and laid back that little girl of mine. Like Derek said 'so much for not worrying about her once she was out of utero'. These past few weeks haven't been easy with the breastfeeding issues and her weight loss and healing from birth etc. Still trying to stay positive and be grateful. You don't have to look far in a children's hospital to find things to be grateful for.

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Nikole said...

Sending big love and lots of hugs. Hoping your sweet girl has a quick and total recovery. Holding you close in my heart. Please update when you can.

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