Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Two weeks post-partum

Avery is 16 days old today. Momma is on the mend. Slowly feeling like myself again and that's a good feeling! I'm not sure why, but I never realized how much mending and healing there is to do after a natural birth... it makes sense of course. I think in general we are so focused on the birth and the baby we forget about the toll pregnancy and birth takes on the body. The tearing, the stitches, the hormones, the contracting uterus. I wasn't prepared. I thought I was, but turns out I wasn't. I thought for some reason that healing from a natural birth would be easier than a c-section - and it was, but it wasn't. The first week was painful. I'm finally feeling better and like with everything now that the pain has passed I hardly remember it. It seems like a lifetime ago that I could hardly walk or sit.

Avery is mostly doing well. Monday we had an appointment with the midwife and found that she had lost weight (she should be back to her birth weight by now but she was only at 7.2). Her latch hasn't been good enough to stimulate my milk production. So now I'm pumping after every feed to stimulate my milk and give her a supplement. A lactation specialist came over this morning and we worked on improving her latch. The good news is she's gained 2.7 oz since Monday... so things are getting better. My little girl is so laid back. She hardly ever cries, so I didn't know she wasn't getting enough milk. I felt so bad when I found out. My baby was hungry and I didn't know. I never had these issues with Ian. He nursed really well from the very beginning. So we are really taking things easy these days, resting a lot, focused on feeding and healing.

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