Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Day 14 - Serenity Now!

It is day 14 of eating, sleeping and living in our 'condo' (the space I've nicknamed our living room-dining room during the renos). To say that I am incredibly excited and anxious to reclaim our bedrooms is an understatement.... SERENITY NOW would best describe my mental state at this point! We are at the painting stage and Derek is doing it solo since someone has to be watching the kids. So it is slow and steady. There is one bedroom done. Ours. We chose a light blue-grey. The pictures here really don't capture the color very well. It is so peaceful and clean. I LOVE the color we chose. It makes me happy. The original color of our bedroom was a chalky green which I never really liked (it was chosen by the previous owners of the house). This blue is very 'light and airy' which is what I wanted for our space. I'm loving the new black knobs too! I can't stress how excited and anxious I am to set up our furniture back in this room and sleep in my bed again. Gosh, I love my bed. Could still be another few days.

Yesterday between the kids and the dog we were woken up every hour... my nerves are shot, I need the calmness of that new space pronto!! I have a deep understanding of how sleep deprivation is a form of torture. To all of you parents out there who are chronically sleep deprived just know that you are not alone!

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