Sunday, January 9, 2011

New Year but same ol'

It's a new year but it's feeling a lot like the same ol' stuff around here. The kids are waking me up every few hours. I am TIRED. Emotionally and physically tired. I miss sleep. God, how I love sleep. I am a person who needs a lot of sleep in general and it feels a little like these last few years of sleepless nights are finally catching up with me. It's hard to be patient and happy when every cell in your body feels like it's pulled an all nighter for weeks on end. Maybe it's just a case of the January blues. Whatever it is I hope things lighten up soon. Feels a little crazy in the head these days.

On a fun note 2011 starts with a remodel of our bedrooms (this may be adding to that feeling of being extra tired at the moment). We are finally ripping up all of that disgusting and stained carpeting and replacing it with a beautiful dark chocolate hardwood floor. We're also adding crown molding and replacing the closet doors in the kids' rooms and finally putting in some closet organizers. I spent all of last week going through each of our bedrooms, de-cluttering, sorting through our junk, deciding what to keep and what to donate. I've stored a lot of things in our basement and labeled all of the bins. It always feels so good to get rid of stuff we don't need and get organized. I finally feel like having our house well organized is within my grasp. It's a good feeling. Starting this Wednesday the four of us will be camping out in our living room until they are finished installing the floors and painting etc. Should be an interesting experiment. I don't see any sleep in my near future... but those dark chocolate floors will be worth it!

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Annie Bananie said...

Hang in there Madness. In time sleep will be restored as well as your sanity. I have been survived and smiling :)
Love you!

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