Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Ingenious tutorial for a superhero cape

If you are a mom of boys I hope you are following Made's 'Celebrate the Boy' month. As a mom of a boy I'm always looking for fun projects to make for him.There is a real lack of projects that appeals to boys out there.

Ian is very much into superheros these days. Sometime ago we watched Toy Story 2. Since then he's been 'Buzz obsessed'. In fact every day for months now shortly after breakfast he strips down to his underwear and assumes his 'Buzz-superhero' persona. In his mind his underwear are his special superhero costume (ever notice how most superheros have belts?). That's mostly why you see so few pictures of him on this blog lately... he's always mostly naked (and I know better than to post almost naked pictures of my boy online). In fact I think this particular year home with my children will be forever burned into my psyche as 'the underwear year'... or the 'superhero phase' (it's awfully sweet actually... and certainly cuts down on the laundry!). There is nothing cuter than 3 year old still chubby legs running around being super.

When I saw this tutorial I knew I had to make one of these for Ian. It is ingenious really. It took me all of 15 minutes to make this cape and he loves it. I used adhesive velcro so no glue gun or sewing needed. Seriously soooooo easy. I ended up using one of my own t-shirts and it was the perfect length. I want to make one of these for all of the kids I know... because I'm obsessive that way and I can never have or make 'just one'... and when you think of it... girls are into superheros too...SO fun!

He is so sweet that boy of mine. Even his elbows still have that 'baby chub'... it will be a sad day when all of that baby chub is gone forever. xoxo

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Nikole said...

I love it! So cute with his undies! Ha!

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