Thursday, March 24, 2011

Thrifty Thursdays

Recently I started thrifting... and as in everything with me it has become a sort of obsession (one that I am thoroughly enjoying....maybe a little too much, but who can argue with something that makes a gal happy?). There is something about thrifting that is SOOOO much fun. It can be very exciting to find neat things amongst all of that crap.  I have been mostly looking for vintage linens and notions (zippers, buttons, binding, trim and ribbon) for sewing and crafting. Sometimes I find things that I'm not actually looking for, but can't resist buying because 1. we can actually use it or 2. it's way too awesome to pass up.
This week I found the following:

Remember Holly Hobby? My sister and I were really into her. Today I found this vintage hand embroidered wall art. I swear my heart skipped a beat when I saw this (what's wrong with me?). The colors are perfect for Avery's room, plus it's vintage, handmade and, well, it's Holly! This must have taken a LOT of time to make. The stitching is perfect. Now that I've started making things myself I realize just how much work and love goes into these handmade things. When I saw this I nearly tripped over my feet to snag it and put it in my basket (as I did this I looked around furtively to make sure no one else had their eyes on it)..... Can anyone else relate to this thrifting madness? On top of all of this awesomeness it only cost $5.50!

I'm thinking of painting the frame white... what do you think? (it's actually plastic and not wood so I wouldn't feel bad about painting it).
I also found tiny little handmade mittens, a sweet vintage summer dress and an awesome poncho for when Ave gets a little bigger.

I found a few things for Ian too that I will blog about next week. Oh happy day! xoxo


Nikole said...

It can be addicting! :) What great finds. I would totally paint that frame white. So cute!! Can't wait to read about your other finds.

Annie Bananie said...

I do love holly hobby!!! Awesome. Cute pictures of avery you sent me in that dress too! She is a poster child.

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