Tuesday, May 31, 2011

This is interesting.

Check this out (if you are into quilting). What a great resource for quilt blogs! All 600+ of them! The concept is pretty neat too. I spent a bit of time today thinking about and planning out the quilt that I'm working on. It is interesting to me how my quilts come together. They never end up looking exactly how I think they will when I first start out... they sort of take a life of their own as I get quilting, adding fabric from my stash here and there. Avery's quilt is coming together nicely. I have 10 blocks done and have 10 more to go. Once I'm done the 'inner blocks' I'm going to add a bit of pink (love the pink!) to 'frame' the squares... it's all very exciting and keeping my creative juices flowing. SO FUN!


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