Sunday, May 22, 2011

This quilt is gonna take a while...

I was inspired by the quilt I thrifted a while back to use up some of my fabric scraps to make a quilt for Avery. Most of my scraps are pinks, oranges and reds and I love how they all come together. A little bit of Heather Ross, a little bit of Anna Maria Horner and of course lots and lots of polka dots! I've only added in one 'non scrappy' fabric, the bunny one. I bought it here: This and that from Japan.You just have to love those Japanese fabrics! I'm really enjoying this project. I'm taking it one block at a time, really enjoying making each block instead of feeling rushed to finish the entire quilt. The other nice part of this project is that I know it will be staying here. I love making gifts for friends, but it's also nice to work hard on something and then get to enjoy it yourself. I really love that bunny... and his double decker bus!

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