Thursday, March 22, 2012

Tailored Vintage Coat for 'Ba-ba'

I thrifted this super sweet baby sweater a while back. It was just so sweet and delicate I couldn't not buy it... even though I really had no use for it. I was contemplating its usefulness a while back and suddenly I remembered an important member of the family who is definitely in need of a few additions to her wardrobe. 'Ba-ba' as Avery calls her (she's still working on the word 'bébé') was Avery's special gift from Santa. Although I was really reluctant to cut into this sweater (it must be at the very least 40 years old and I wasn't sure what would happen to the wool as I cut...) but I bit the bullet and did it anyway. It was very easy to do, I just placed the baby on top of the sweater, cut around it, serged, sewed the sides and moved the ducky over a bit. The result is a super cute coat for Ba-ba and because I just couldn't throw them out, I made some little booties with the sleeves I cut off. CUTE! (the amount of joy this project brought me is almost obscene.... there may be something seriously wrong with me... but I'm totally ok with it). I'm already thinking of all the other things Ba-ba needs... a new skirt, some pajamas etc, etc.

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Nikole said...

so stinkin' cute! i love it! nice work! I'm pulling out some thrifted patterns for vintage doll clothes to make some things for Thea's baby. xo

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