Sunday, March 11, 2012


Meet Vinnie. He's made from a vintage polyester fabric I thrifted a while back. I heart Vinnie. Made for a sweetheart boy named Charlie. Vinnie doesn't have a tail... because I forgot to sew it on before I sewed the whole thing together... these things happen sometimes... making him all the more 'made'. I have a bit more of this fabric... planning on making a few more Vinnies 'cause he's just so damn cute!


Annie Bananie said...

I love Vinnie and Frederick!

Tamara said...

and that sweet boy (and me) LOVES Vinnie and his Matante Mad! You're the best!!

Nikole said...

love these guys, and your cushion too. i've been mostly offline lately - sorry to be so late in commenting! xo

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