Saturday, March 8, 2008

Change #11 - Bullfrog Powered!

Recently the two adult GreenLunns had a conversation that went a little something like this:

Me: I’d like to discuss switching to Bullfrog Power.
Derek: What?
Me: We would change our energy source from Hydro Ottawa to Bullfrog Power which means all of our hydro would come from green sources.
Derek: How much does that cost?
Me: I’ve heard it is only $5-$10 more per month than regular hydro.
Derek: NO way. There’s NO way we are paying more for hydro than we already do. That’s crazy. It’s not an investment.
Me: But it is an investment to me. It would mean that all of the electricity we use for the house would come from green sources like wind and water. No dirty coal or scary nuclear energy. It IS an investment.
Derek: No. We aren’t doing it.

Several hours later...

Me: I’ll make you a deal.
Derek: What.
Me: We’ll switch to Bullfrog Power for a few months and if the monthly cost is more than $5 from what we paid for that same month last year I will pay the difference with my own money instead of from our joint account.
Derek: Fine. We’ll do it for six months. After the six months we’ll look at last year’s bills and you’ll pay the difference with your own money, minus the $25 grace (six months x $5).
Me: Good. It’s a deal then. Thanks. This makes me really happy! I’m going to blog about this conversation you know.
Derek: Fine.
Me (to myself in my head): Crap, I really hope it isn’t much more than $5-$10 a month. I’ve got to go check out their website again...

Sooo I checked out their website and here is why I’m so very, very excited about this change:
1) their electricity is 100% green and carbon-free which is very, very important to fight global warming 2) 10% of the profit made by the company is donated to organizations that support sustainability 3) switching is easy, you do it online and it takes about 10 minutes (no special equipment is needed, no one comes to your house) 4) the more people who make the switch, the more demand there is for green energy which means more renewable power is created in Canada 5) knowing that I will have to pay for the extra costs from my own ‘fun money account’ means I will be even more motivated to conserve energy... according to their website it costs most people about $1 more a day than regular hydro, which is, um, quite a lot actually, but I’m hoping that the changes we are/will be making to conserve energy in our home will make up for some of it 6) this change is probably THE most important and effective change our family will make this year in doing our part to fight global warming and reduce our carbon footprint on the environment.

By the way if you want to try it out, there is no charge to switch to bullfrog power, you can cancel at any time and there are no cancellation fees. Check out their FAQs for more info.

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