Thursday, March 13, 2008

Disclaimer and assorted things

Having given this a little more thought, I realized that our six month experiment regarding Bullfrog Power (to see just how much more it will cost us than the dirty kind of electricity... in hopes of convincing a certain someone that this switch should be a permanent one) will only be accurate if we switch our energy provider once I am back at work (because while I'm home I'm using a bit more energy than when we are both working). So we'll be officially making our switch to Bullfrog Power May 1st (I'm due back at work May 5th).

I'd like to make a few shout-outs to some people in my life who are inspiring me to keep on greenin'. First of all, to my friend Jeff who sent a hilariously funny email to all of his family and friends encouraging them to green their mailboxes too (it was addressed as 'Dear Socially Responsible People') and who just made the switch to Bullfrog Power. Woo hoo! Since his last name is Bean, I can't help but think of him now as 'GreenBean' because, well, frankly it's just too damn cute. Who doesn't like GreenBeans? (with a tiny smidgeon of butter and roasted almonds, YUM!) Go GreenBeans!

And to my friend Tamara who recently gave me a 'few' very thoughtful gifts for my birthday which were wrapped in nothing, accompanied by a homemade card with a hilarious poem she wrote herself and some 'coupons' for things like 'Dinner at her place', 'Babysitting' and 'Dinner at my place where she cooks'. How's that for creative, green and super nice! Go GreenMarshalls!

Also, I'd just like to say that shopping at consignment stores really pays off. Ian needed a fleece one piece suit for those warmer days we've been having, I noticed MEC had them on sale from $75 to $40 dollars. I considered buying him one of those and then remembered my commitment to go green. So I went to Boomerang Kids to check out what they had. For $40 I bought: 1 fleece snow suit, 7 pairs of shorts and 1 t-shirt. All name brand and in perfect condition. The fleece snowsuit cost me $5. Craziness. I may have to get him a few new things when summer hits because they didn't have a great selection of t-shirts, but damn did I ever feel good walking out of that store! The shopping experience wasn't quite the same as Gap kids (sniffle, sniffle) but I imagine I'll get used to it.

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