Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Change #21 - Computer stays off when not in use

For people who try and do their part for the environment we certainly have a few habits that I'm a little ashamed of. One of them involves our beast of a computer. It's not quite a commodore 64 but this thing is old. It's slow too, but it usually works just fine and we only use it to surf the internet so it seems wasteful to buy a new one. Until a few months ago we used to keep it 'on' all the time.... and I do mean 'on'. Even the monitor would stay on. Isn't that pretty crazy? It would stay on even when we were away for the weekend (I know what you're thinking). It would stay on all night while we were sleeping (I know, I know it's ok to be judging us, I don't blame you).

A few months ago I started turning the monitor off while we weren't using it. A few weeks after that I organized the gazillion of wires that are connected to the computer so that I could easily reach the powerbar. I have been trying to not only keep the computer off when we aren't using it, but I've been powering off all of the computer appliances (computer, scanner etc) with the flick of the powerbar switch. I'd like to say that I've been doing this everyday... but sadly no.

So change #21 is that I'll be keeping the computer and all of its accessories off when we aren't using it. The fact that this change comes after I've switched us over to Bullfrog Power (BP) and that I'll be paying the difference should BP cost us more is only a mere coincidence I promise you...

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