Monday, June 2, 2008

Change #23 - Volunteer member of 'Enviro Committee' at work

You may have noticed that my posts are much shorter than they used to be... the GreenLunns are still adjusting to momma GreenLunn being back at work. For the most part things are going well. Ian has adjusted better than I could have dreamed... In fact, I think I've been struggling way more than he has! He doesn't even whimper when I leave him in the mornings. Not even a quick glance in my direction. I get this weird feeling that he's actually happy to see me go... which is fine by me! No tears=no guilt.

It's now week 5 and FINALLY my brain seems to have kicked into gear. Those first few weeks were tough. I couldn't shake off this feeling of being super-duper-dumb. Finally, last week my brain got the message that we were no longer watching Oprah and singing 'Wheels on the bus'. Clearly writing briefing notes and doing risk analysis is way less fun but I have yet to receive a cheque from Oprah so off to work I go.

In any case this doesn't mean that my committment to going green has gone out the window. I'm still committed and I'm still doing green things... I just don't have that much energy these days to post about it.

This week I volunteered to be part of my work's 'Enviro Committee'. The organization has appointed an 'Enviromental Champion' who will be striking a working group to look at ways to make us more eco-friendly. Which I think is really quite wonderful! I've volunteered to be part of the working group and I'm really looking forward to seeing what kinds of things we'll be doing to make my organization a Greener place to work!

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