Monday, June 16, 2008

Change #25 - You decide

Google analytics (why can't Google be the next American President?) tells me that there are about fifty or so people who read this blog. So this week I'm asking you... what change should #25 be? What are YOU doing that you'd like to see US doing? Or what are you not doing but wish you were doing that you'd like to see us doing?

Leave your suggestion in the comment box below. If I pick your suggestion you win a *surprise green gift*. It won't be lame I promise.

Deadline is Wednesday June 18th. Giddy up.

4 comments: said...

My suggestion: the 5-min shower. I'm still working on shaving off precious time (what can I say, the rebel in me looooves standing under the hot water pretending I can't hear the muffled sound of the kiddies shrieking downstairs!) so if you can do it (which I'm sure you can!) the pressure will be on!

tattoo said...

if its yellow let it mellow....and so on.

tattoo said...

meatless mondays: Eat less meat. Meat-based diets consume seven times more land than plant-based diets. Livestock account for more greenhouse gases than all the cars on the planet.

Aradhana Kaur said...

Drive less.
Get on your bike and go places.
It's free, it's gets you in shape and it's fun. Pleanet Earth will love you! Hell, I love ya!

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