Monday, June 9, 2008

Change #24 - Revolving Doors

Someone, I won't mention her name... (she is a dear friend who has flaming red hair and has in the not so distant past called me 'pee pants' for somewhat legitimate reasons.... oh yes you did, and you know who you are and you'll see what things are like after you give birth missy) thinks this next change is a little lame but I'll let YOU be the judge of that.

Change #24 is that when given the choice I will, from this day on, use the revolving doors when entering a building. My building at work has two sets of revolving doors, flanked by two regular hinged doors. There is a sign on the hinged doors that says 'please use revolving doors'. But no one listens... No one, including me. Revolving doors are kinda dumb. Maybe I've lost that childhood feeling but if I wanted to go on a merry-go-round I would go somewhere fun like Wonderland. Let's face it, there ain't nothing wonderlandish about my work.

Revolving doors are not only dumb, they are annoying. There's that waiting for the empty space and making sure you jump in at the right time and then making sure you jump out at the right time and then there's that nagging worry about getting stuck in the door and having everyone look at you while you're stuck with no food or water to sustain you while the cute firemen try to free you with the jaws of life. Not to mention the possibility of getting your skirt caught in the door and having to go around all day wearing half a skirt... see? dumb and annoying.

Someone pointed out to me today (you really did call me 'pee pants'. I swear. I'm not offended, I'm just saying) that revolving doors are actually green because they keep the hot and cool air in and as we all know warming and cooling huildings creates a lot of greenhouse gases. So yeah. Lame? You be the judge.

Comments. Even snarly ones are welcomed.


Tattooze said...

what's a huilding?

Anonymous said...

I must admit, everytime I go through one of the two regular doors, I read the sign "please use revolving door" with guilt. Especially in the dead of Winter when you know the poor security guards are stuck sitting behind the counter freezing their butts off. So... I actually do not think this change is lame.

What will be lame however, is when some kind person is holding the regular door for you as you are approaching the building and you walk right past them to the revolvers... lol, that'll likely be the day you need the jaws of life!

The GreenLunns said...

Main Entry: huild·ing
Pronunciation: \ˈhil-diŋ\
Function: noun
Date: 14th century
1 : a structure which is a cross between a building and house usually roofed and walled built for permanent use (as for a dwelling)

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