Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Glorious Day

Today I had a glorious day. I had the day off and Ian went to daycare which left me with a whole 8 hours to myself. I cleaned, did laundry, made good progress on my niece's quilt, fixed the buttons on several of my winter coats, had a bath, did some work for my meeting tomorrow.... what a glorious day! It was so nice to do some sewing without feeling rushed or feeling guilty that I should probably be doing something else.

In general I have this sense of being rushed all of the time... like there just isn't enough time in the day to get things done. I noticed this feeling got worst after Ian was born. Almost like an internal 'alarm' was switched on and never turned off. It probably has a lot to do with the anxiety disorder but I'm getting better at managing it. I have good days and bad days (today was a great day!). I just need to keep reminding myself (as someone once told me) life isn't a 100 metre dash, it's a marathon that you take one day at a time...

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