Saturday, November 28, 2009

Owls+Polka Dots=My New Quilt

Here's a sneak peak at my next quilt. All of the quilts I've made so far I've given away as gifts. This one I've decided is for me. I'm loving these Alexander Henry owls! I'm using up some fabric scraps and some of my favourite polka dots and a gorgeous grey solid that my mother donated to the cause. This is my first time making 'log cabin squares'. It's a fun process (if you don't worry about the color combos too much...which I have to admit I have been doing). I've decided to simplify things by making my 'layers' within the squares using the same fabric. There are all kinds of amazing combos you can do. This quilt is my inspiration... though mine won't end up looking anything like that one.

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Annie Bananie said...

I love it Mad! I also love the polka dots. Thanks for sharing your fabric scraps with me I am having loads of fun making my birthday banner :)

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