Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Flu Season

My baby is sick (he's still 'my baby' even though he's officially a 'toddler'). He's had the flu since Saturday afternoon. He's never had a fever this high and for this long before. In these days of H1N1 panic, the flu is a scary thing. I brought him to the Dr's today. She said he obviously does have the flu... but not H1N1... because he isn't sick enough. I was debating back and forth about whether we should have Ian vaccinated... but I think my mind is made up. I wouldn't want to see him much sicker than I saw him in these last few days... now to find the time to wait 6+hours to get the vaccine.... and we have to wait until he's officially 100% better as well.

I feel so very grateful that:

1. Ian doesn't have H1N1 and seems to be feeling a little better
2. We have such a kind doctor who takes emergency appointments with very short notice
3. We have a health care system that provides free care and free vaccines
4. Dr. White has tractor stickers which makes the whole Dr. experience a little less painful

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Nikole said...

Feel better, sweet boy!

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