Thursday, July 22, 2010

39 + 3 weeks

Had our ultrasound yesterday. Everything looks good (placenta, amniotic fluid, baby is growing well and looks to be about 7 or so pounds). Sooo we continue to wait (I'm learning a lot about myself lately... I hate waiting, I could use more patience... which explains why I have no issues opening my Christmas presents a few days early... thankfully someone always stops me!). The 'protocol' is to wait 10 days past the due date and because of my previous cesarean there would be no choice of induction. If she doesn't come between now and then it will be a scheduled c-section (I really hope she doesn't make us wait another 13 days before we get to meet her). I'm LARGE and uncomfortable now (but trying hard not to complain too much).

I ordered a few books today which should give a pretty good indication of where we are at with Ian these days. Since we started his new bedtime routine his behavior has really improved... but there are still days where I wonder what's going on with him and what we can do to be better parents. There is always this nagging feeling that we could be communicating with him in a more effective way. I'm hoping these books will give me some insight. I also ordered this cd just for fun... the music is 'happy' and it's been a few years since I've bought new music. Nothing like some new music and a few good books to change the spirit.... oh and a manicure and pedicure and lunch with a friend tomorrow should help too. Plus Derek and I are going out to see a movie tomorrow night (it's been a LONG time since we've been to the movies... and I LOVE going to the movies!).

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