Thursday, July 8, 2010

Ian's nighttime ramblings

Every night after our bedtime routine I lie in bed with Ian until he falls asleep. When he moved into the 'big boy bed' he refused to stay in his bed (or even in his room) so this ended up becoming part of our routine. After months of temper tantrums and power struggles he has finally adjusted to the routine. For my part lying there with him for 15 to 30 (sometimes 40) minutes can be somewhat frustrating. This was especially true when I was working. I wanted him to 'fall asleep already' so I could get a few things done (or just do nothing) before going to sleep and starting another day. Since I have been off work though, I have been enjoying this time of day more. It always takes him at least 10-15 minutes just to wind down from his day and stop fidgeting. He'll spend this time wriggling around trying to find a comfy position and chatting about random things. This is really the part I enjoy the most. Listening to what he has to say at the end of his day. Sometimes it is very revealing 'Grayson poo'ed in the park today' or 'When you go to the hospital to get the baby, Mémé will come stay with me, right Mommy?'.  Most days what he has to say makes me laugh.

Yesterday's ramblings:

Ian: 'Mommy can you please rub my belly, pretty please?'
(I start rubbing his belly)
(at this point Ian starts moving his belly up and down)
Ian: 'Mommy there's a baby in my belly... it has the burps'
(pretty sure he meant the hiccups... so funny)
Me: 'Is your baby a boy or a girl?'
Ian: 'girl'.
Me: 'What's her name?'
Ian: 'Shenawa'
(no idea where he got that name from)

Today's ramblings:
'Mommy, I put my finger up there and I don't get any crottes'
(crottes= French for snots).

I've started to see this time of day as a blessing. He's growing up so, so fast... pretty soon he won't need his mommy beside him to fall asleep.

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