Friday, February 1, 2008

Change #6 - No junk mail please!

Sometimes being green is just about being better organized. Since I organized Ian’s change table last week with the facecloths and added a container for water, I haven’t used a single disposable baby wipe. It feels good to finally check that one off of my ‘to do’ list (I’ve been meaning to do it since Ian was born!). As an added bonus Ian’s cute little baby bum is much less red these days.

This week’s change is another one of those things I’ve had on my ‘green to do list’ that I’ve been meaning to get done for a LONG time. I’m going to be joining the red dot campaign to help wage the war on junk mail. Junk mail is a huge pet peeve of mine. I never read it. Not. Ever. It goes from our mailbox directly to our recycling bin. I’m sure that this is true for many, many people.

Apparently if you put a sign up on your mailbox saying you don’t want junk mail Canada Post really will respect it. So I’m going to download this sign and put it in a plastic sleeve (to protect it from the elements) and put it on our mailbox. Unfortunately this only works for unaddressed junk mail. If you want to put an end to junk mail that is personally addressed to you, you can go to this website and add your name. I just went and added both Derek and I’s name (it took 30 seconds). I’m also going to be printing this letter and giving it to my letter carrier. I’m hoping that doing these three things will 1) help to stem the amount of wasteful junk mail that ends up in our mailbox every day 2) save a few trees 3) make my daily trip to the mailbox less annoying.

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