Thursday, February 21, 2008

Change # 9 - A Green Toothbrush

It's that time again to replace our toothbrushes. Instead of buying the brand we would normally buy, we will be switching to the Preserve toothbrush.

This is green because 1) the handle is made entirely of recycled materials (yogurt containers) 2) there is limited packaging which is also made from recycled materials 3) the brushes come with postage paid return envelopes so that they can be recycled yet again and made into plastic lumber which is used to make outdoor furniture, park benches and children's play-sets.

I'll also be taking some information about these toothbrushes to my dentist the next time I see him. Maybe he would consider giving these out to his patients instead of the other brand he uses.

This week's change is so easy I almost feel like it's cheating. But then again, that's the whole point. Being green really is easy, despite what everyone's favorite frog would have you believe.

PS: In case you want to try it out I have an extra toothbrush to give away to the first person who wants it.

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