Thursday, June 24, 2010

35 and a half weeks

I'm 35 and a half weeks today. Have officially stopped working due to complications in my pregnancy. Being at home feels good. I have been catching up on my sleep.... and sewing! It took a lot more energy than I thought it would to convince myself to start up a sewing project. I've been more than just a little tired and my huge belly is making it difficult to move around these days. Lots of contractions if I move around too much. The good news is the baby seems to be doing really well. She is moving around quite a bit still (and is no longer breech - hoorah!). Some nights it feels like there's a full blown dance routine happening in there which makes it difficult to sleep. I am trying to be in the moment and appreciate each day. Also looking forward to meeting her though. Who is that little person moving around in there?

So as a way to combat my boredom and maybe revive my spirit through creativity I embarked on a new sewing project. Not the one I originally thought I would. I have started quilting a twin sized (largest quilt I've ever made - eek) for the baby's 'big girl bed'. It may seem a little early but I'm being realistic that there won't be much sewing in my future for a while after this baby comes. Plus I kind of like the idea of sewing her a quilt that will be around a while (as opposed to a baby quilt) while she is still in my belly.
I used fabrics I already had in my fabric-stash. The colors are pretty wild and modern. I totally love it. Am picturing it in her room with new hardwood floors and a pretty headboard and my great-grandmother's dresser newly painted white. Will have to make her a matching quilt for her dolls. Still have to figure out what I will put on the back. Maybe just a simple plain color since it is already quite busy. The pictures aren't the best quality but they are the best I can do for now. I'm looking forward to seeing what this will look like once it is binded and washed. Until then I'm enjoying the process and trying not to count the days.

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Annie Bananie said...

You are the coolest sister ever! I am glad you are getting this time to relax and do some of the things your love.
love you!

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