Monday, June 28, 2010

Vintage Therapy

I bought these vintage sheets some time ago while thrifting. I wasn't sure what I was going to do with them but they reminded me of my grandpa and grandma's cottage so I bought them (in both blue and pink...). My mother said that they are at least 50 years old (I love how they have lace on them... because everyone needs lace on their bedsheets...). This morning as a way to try and stay in the moment I thought I would finally do something with them. I used the pillowcase tutorial (did I mention I love this tutorial?) and whipped these up as a special thank you gift from Ian to my sister Annie for taking care of him at daycare for the last two years (Ian only has 6 or so weeks left of daycare...he couldn't be more thrilled, not that he doesn't like daycare but he loves being with his mommy more). Since the quilt on her bed has blues and yellows in it I thought these would be nice on her bed. I used a blue polkadot for the trim. I think it modernizes them and gives them a little 'pop'. I probably would of used yellow polka dots to make them more cheery but I didn't have any (you can never have too much polka dot fabric in a variety of colors....I'll need to remember that next time I'm fabric shopping). Now hopefully she doesn't read this before tomorrow morning...

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Nikole said...

So sweet! I love them. I am totally obsessed with vintage linens! xoxo

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