Friday, December 10, 2010

'Tis the season to be grateful.

The Christmas season is upon us. This year I am especially grateful to have our little girl celebrating the season with us. She is a sweet, precious, angel clearly gifted to us from the heavens. I am SO SO grateful that she is here and in good health. Such a happy, smiley baby and I'm so proud to be her Momma. She's only been with us four and a half months but I can't imagine our lives without her. It feels like she's always been here, part of our family. Ian loves her too. He calls her 'his baby' and gives her too tight hugs and big kisses.

I feel so blessed. Wishing you and yours the best of the holiday season. xoxo


Annie Bananie said...

great shot of Avery and Derek. Still love you!

Karie said...

Your kids are gorgeous Mad!

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