Thursday, December 16, 2010


Until recently this is a site I've resisted seeing in my kitchen:

I'm not exactly sure why I've resisted it so much. Perhaps because I've had SO many people tell me I should get one (even as an adult I don't like being told what to do). Also I think because I enjoy the process of cooking. But a wise friend gifted us one for Christmas, sort of as a joke, but not really. The box could have said 'Dude, would you just use it already'. So here it is... and I like it! I used it for the first time yesterday. Before going out shopping I quickly threw in some ingredients for a curry and when I got home:

A healthy meal all ready to eat. I'm REALLY going to like this. Thanks T!

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Annie Bananie said...

Yes, Crocky-pots are great. I wouldn't mind that curry recipe, looks yummy. Didn't you invite us to supper?

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